Designer Clothing

Designer clothing are luxury fashion pieces made by professionals who create concepts of new and trending styles amongst society. The first ever fashion designer was Charles Fredrick Worth who was an English gentleman born in 1825. During the 19th century Charles was the first designer to have his label sewn into the clothing he created and designed.

Since then brands have continued to blow up due to their bold fashion statements and have been placed into high end fashion stores. Many of the popular brands we see today are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Balenciaga, Palm Angels and a whole bunch more.

Our Favourite Designer Clothing Brands

Ground Up North is filled with a wide range of popular designer brands that provide clothing, footwear and accessories. Here are some of our favourite brands this month!


Off-White is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded by American designer Virgil Abloh. Alboh founded the company as “PYREX VISION” which he then rebranded as Off-White which he described as “the grey area between black and white as the colour off-white”. Off-White has opened showrooms across 15 different locations in the world such as London, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more. Alboh describes his brand as “inspired by the youth”. As for the logo, Abloh went for something totally unoriginal with a graphic you find on crosswalks and on road signs.

Abloh wanted to create a common ground between streetwear fashion and premium fashion which he has done by the use of generalised garments. For instance, our ‘Off-White asymmetric cartoon hoodie’ is a prime example of basic streetwear with a designer stamp on. The hoodie features a large graphic on the back of the product, giving a certain sense of uniqueness and creating a statement. 

Palm Angels

Palm Angels was also founded in 2015 by an Italian art director and photographer Francesco Ragazzi, who is also the former artistic director of Moncler. Palm Angels has made a huge mark in the industry in such a short space of time. The luxury brand tends to be popular amongst athletes, celebrities and musicians. Ragazzi spends most of his time between America and Milan and uses his vision of American culture and adds an Italian flair for luxury items.

Majority of his buyers are mesmerised by his street side designs which are made luxury, social media has also had a huge impact on making streetwear more acceptable and noticed. Ragazzi's use of bright colours and creative designs gives a sense of freedom which is particularly popular with the younger generations. The brand sells a variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and jewellery.

Take a look at how Ragazzi normalises the use of bright colours with our Palm Angels Miami Logo Sweatshirt.


Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand with their headquarters in London. It was founded in 1856 and retails globally. Marco Gobbetti is currently Burberry’s CEO and has been since July 2017. He previously worked for Givenchy in 2004 as CEO. Burberry’s business purpose is to “unlock the power of imagination to push boundaries and open new possibilities for our people, customers and communities”. Burberry supplies clothing, outwear, bags and gifts for women, men and children. At Ground Up North we also accommodate this by selling a range of products for all genders and ages for example, our Burberry Kids Zip Tracksuit Set.